What’s This All About?

Let me set the record straight for all those curious beings who stumbled on this blog,

This started as a school project (as an intro to the Social Web, other than the social media savy young adult I already am)


It’s become more than that. Keep reading to find out more about what this blog really is.

Cuban flags fly proudly. Representing a nation, it’s people and the culture.


From the crazy new experiences to the beautiful scenery and white sand beaches, its obvious to the world why Cuba captures the hearts of all. Some of you are probably wondering,

Why a blog?

Well it’s the best way to convey how I really feel about travel.

  • Travel is life changing. (Super cliche of me to say, but it’s true)
    • Opens your eyes
    • Changes your perspective
    • Challenges your beliefs & what you think you know

But really? A BLOG? Who blogs anymore?

And to that my friends, I have to agree. It may not be the biggest platform on the Web 2.0 to get my points across but hey, maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to do more!



  • Truth be told finding a beat for this blog was a struggle
    • Travel?
      • I don’t travel enough to write about a different place every post.
    • Photography?
      • I’m no professional, just an amateur with an iPhone and a DSLR who follows way too many photography accounts on her Instagram.
    • Living on a budget?
      • A budget? Who am I kidding, I can’t stick to a budget even with these student loans taunting me.




To be quite honest, writing these blogs can be a pain in the butt. But they’re really a blessing in disguise. Majority of these blog posts came from going through old pictures ofdsc0080.jpg my trip in summer 2016.

  • Lists
    • literally, can be a writer’s best friend
  • Other Blogs
    • There’s a lot out there, let’s face it the internet is a black hole.
  • Looking at keepsakes from my trip
    • I’m a hoarder.
  • Perspective
  • Splash of Opinion




While writing my posts I do my best to ensure that it’s an enjoyable read for all of us, travellers, photographers, students or those who are stuck being students despite really wanting to travel on a part time budget.

  • Frequent travellers
  • Not so frequent travellers
  • North Americans
    • Western Communities (City folks)
There are more parts to Cuba and the tourist area.



I have a love-hate relationship with feedback. Sure, I love me some constructive criticism….but at the same time, I don’t like being told what I did wrong (and for this I blame my Zodiac sign-Capricorn).

  • Language
    • Inclusive
    • Don’t sell
    • Too formal
  • Blobs of writing
    • Procrastination master right here…
  • Highlight Key Words



Blogs offer a technological world of options. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

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  • WordPress
  • Layout
    • Pictures
    • Theme
  • My work
    • Instagram & Posts



This blog now serves a purpose in my life. I feel like a proud mom, or at least I will when all my work is polished.

Offers me a way to pursue what I like.

Let’s me post freely & confidently.

Work on conveying who I am (through a screen).


  • Definitely a keeper
  • Travel more
    • Menu Selection
  • Promote
  • Maintain Instagram


Hope you learned a little more about the existence of this blog and what it’s meant to do. Not just for me but for you guys – my readers and fellow travellers.