About This Traveller


Thanks for stopping by my about page, whether you stumbled on it or you wanted to know more about me, you won’t regret it!

WELL I could start by telling you about how I’m a hard working-tear shedding-anxiety driven student with a PhD in Procrastination who goes University of Toronto: Mississauga. But of course that’s not really interesting. So let’s see what else I can tell you about me.


I am a part-time Barista whipping up your favourite Starbucks beverages. Chances are if you see me, I’ll be the one with whipped cream and without a doubt multiple coffee stains all over my apron. Almost like dalmation and their spots….of course if dalmations were green with brown spots.

I love photography. However, it’s more of a hobby. I’ve never taken photography classes but my Nikon DLSR is my baby…..and an iPhone 7 doesn’t do too badly of a job. I love the idea of capturing every memorable moment. Being able to look back at the experiences and adventures. I like it way better behind the lens. , My favourite thing to shoot is, as you can probably already tell by reading a few of my blogs (if you haven’t read any then what are you doing! Get to it – of course after you learn about me), is landscapes. Landscapes and parts of nature capture my attention everywhere I go. Don’t get it twisted though, I’m definitely not an outdoorsy person; I can’t stand creepy crawlers (bugs).

I have a crazy lust for travelling, but a University student and a Barista’s pay cheque doesn’t support my love for exploration. This blog site, tells the stories, experiences and OBSERVATIONS of my fun and adventurous travels to Cuba.

Hope you enjoy my posts! Follow me on my photography Instagram account-@TheObservationalTraveller , where I’m trying to get my photos out there into the cyber world.

Happy Reading (and maybe even travelling),

The Observational Traveller