How to Avoid Regrets on Your Trip to Cuba

Regrets are a part of life, but they should never occur after a vacation! Here are some things that I regret not doing while I travelled to this beautiful country-Cuba that can apply to just about any new place you’re travelling to!

1) Visit the Capital City  

Whether you are travelling to Cuba or to somewhere in Europe, going to the capital city is an amazing experience. After coming back to reality-once our dream vacation came to an end-only then did I realize that Havana would have been a tremendous experience.

Havana, Cuba
A capital city filled with so much more than just people.

Looking at the pictures that professional photographers have posted as well as my social media comrades, I really felt like I missed out on this one.

A cities capital is an important place to the country. The culture is richer, the streets are busier and overall there is just so much to experience by simply walking down the cobble stoned streets looking at the old architecture and brightly coloured buildings, watch the flow of traffic as old cars flood the small roadways; all of which Cuba are known for.

2) Learn the Language

To make the most of all the experiences you are open to while on vacation, learning the language of the country would be a great asset. I’m not saying I wish I learned the entire Spanish language between the time I booked my flight and the time I got to Cuba, but knowing a few common phrases would have, without a doubt enriched my encounters with the locals.

            Here’s a few Spanish terms to give you a head start:



 How are you?

Cómo estás?

Where is the bathroom?

Dónde está el baño?

Do you speak English?

Habla usted Inglés?

I love Cuba

Me encanta Cuba

Thank you


You’re welcome

De nada

3) Take a swim in the Overflowing Sea of Culture 

  • Learn to do the Salsa

The most popular dance in Cuba (also the most trickiest if you ask me).

  • Learn about the History 

Maybe even visit specific cities outside of the capital. For me I really                                        wanted to visit Trinidad. It’s one of Cuba’s largest cities, it offers tons of                                  historical buildings, streets and markets.

French fries are too Western, yet I decided to take the safe way out. After                              visiting the local farm and trying the food the locals cooked for us, I                                        realized what I was missing out on.


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