Not so Fast! 4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Boarding That Flight

Travelling is a fun and exciting time. From booking your vacation to boarding the plane, butterflies continue fluttering throughout your body. But for those of us who aren’t used to travelling as often as we would like, it can be slightly less exciting. From remember what to pack, to remembering your passport and ticket on the way to the airport, for a virgin vacationer, travelling can quickly turn into a headache. Here’s 3 things, you NEED to remember to make the most of your trip to a not-so-westernized-country:


Don’t you dare forget your camera! That would be like going to an all you can eat AFTER you eat dinner. All the temptations surround you as they simply become a tease. Whether you prefer taking pictures on an iPhone or using a fancy DSLR camera, it’s the number ONE travelling necessity, well besides your plane ticket and passport….so maybe the third important necessity- STILL VERY IMPORTANT. Forgetting your camera at home while travelling to a place for the first time is like torturing yourself. All the new experiences, encounters and sights you’ll see. You’ll definitely want to capture each and every moment!

Photographing the great memories you make is one of the most exciting things about travelling to a new and different place! When I went to Cuba, I took a picture of just about everything, from a lizard that was on a tree, to taking a picture every time I went to the beach (which I lost count of)

Check out some of the pictures I took on my trip! Follow me on Instagram: @TheObservationalTraveller


Forget the materialistic things to pack. You, yes you! Need to be open! Open to new experiences, new food, and new cultures! Sure there are many chances to step out of your comfort zone, but this is THE ONE, you’re in a new country, surrounded by only a few close family members/friends/associates, NOW is the time to try new things. Every travel destination has millions to offer. Everything is new to your eyes. The grass, the sky even the trees. This is the first time you have ever seen it in this context. Enjoy it. Always keep an open mind, while of course staying safe!

Open yourself to the experiences you are about to have. (Instagram: @TheObservationalTraveller)


You should definitely be aware that Cuba, is like no where you have ever been before (well, unless you’ve been to Cuba before). The culture is like nothing you have ever seen in the Western world’s we live in. They have almost 0 dependence on technology; in terms of cars, WiFi, communications. They live a life of relaxation and festivity. From walking through the market, you can see there are no credit/debit card machines, it’s all cash; there are no cell phone use within the resort, they use landlines.


These things aren’t necessarily bad. The different between Cuba and the rest of the hot vacation destinations, is that they run a nation based on culture and close communities. Visiting Cuba is like time travelling to the way life was lived before the dawn of technology, and before the era of the Web.


Going for a week? Two weeks? Only a few days? Trust me, I know the urge to pack your home into your small suitcase, but don’t do it. You’ll thank me later! Over packing is never a good thing, for airline restrictions, and for your vacationer ready state of mind. Pack the necessities and the necessities only. A few shirts. A few pants. A pair of shoes. The basics.

Travel Light
Packing light means less to drag around and worry about on your vacation.

Seriously, you’ll thank me when you get back.

Over packing, means more to carry around and more to be worried about when you leave the hotel/resort room.

Let’s just say my first trip, I over packed and came back with more laundry and  unpacking to do, which meant I was in desperate need for another vacation by the time I was done.

Keep it simple, and light weight!

            Travelling is fun. Make sure and keep it that way! Going somewhere and not having anything you’re familiar with can be a little intimidating, just remember, it’s an exciting time. Make it worth the trip, money and plane ride. Make the most of every moment exploring the new opportunities and experiences this special place offers you! Is there anything else you wouldn’t dare forget on your trip that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!


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